The Foulkes Mild

The Foulkes Mild ale

Foulkes Mild ale
The Foulkes mild ale brewed by Foulkes Brau

Hey there all you loyal Foulkes supporters,

It is already Tuesday and it is time for an update on where we are at. First things first though, I would like to talk about the featured ale – the Foulkes mild ale. According to the BJCP style guide, this will pop in there under style 11A. The highlights of this ale as per the style guide:

  • Low to moderate malt aroma and may have some fruitiness
  • The malt expression can take on a wide range of character, which may include caramelly, grainy, toasted, nutty, chocolate, or lightly roasted. Little to no hop aroma. Very low to no diacetyl.
  • Copper to dark brown or mahogany colour.
  • Light to medium body, low to medium carbonation.
  • ABV ~2,8 – 4.5%

So where does this put the Foulkes mild? Well, we definitely have the malt aroma and fruitiness. I fermented this batch a bit hotter than normal as the summer is here and my fermentation chamber is occupied. I typically ferment the Foulkes mild at 19°C for a nice clean ale. This one fermented out at 24ºC. This higher temperature has added the fruitiness that was not previously present. We have a lot of malt character – the chocolate and coffee really stand out. There is very little hop aroma and definitely no diacetyl.

Would I brew the Foulkes mild like this again?  No!!!!!!!

Tasting Notes:

The beer does taste good, make no mistake about it. It is just not as good as the temperature controlled Foulkes mild and I don’t think it fits the style at all.

Why? Well I am not a huge fan of fruitiness in my beers. This is especially true when the fruitiness is optional. Fruitiness belongs in the great Belgian style ales. Where did the fruitiness come from? The yeast and fermenting it way too hot.

This iteration is velvety and silky smooth. I cannot get over that. There is a nice wallop of chocolate and coffee that carries through. The fuggles hops that I used for bittering are completely overwhelmed by the fruitiness though. The finish is smooth and almost crisp.

I have tasted something very similar in my travels before, it has only hit me now. This tastes very similar to a Flanders or Oud Bruin (This has taken the whole day to hit home). It is not as strong in the alcohol department – meaning that there is no warmth that carries through from the booze. After all this beer weighs in at ~3%.

It is a very drinkable session ale. Would I drink  more than one? Well, I have been drinking this throughout the day as I have typed this. So yes – I would definitely have more than one. Even my old man likes it.

This style is going to be one of our contributions to 2015 National homebrew champs. (I can still enter as I don’t have my licensce yet), so I am going to brew it again on the homebrew level. It will definitely be a temperature controlled fermentation though. All the beers we will be submitting to the NHC2015 will be available on tap once we get everything sorted out.

Foulkes Brau

What news on the brewery front you ask? Well, we are progressing rather slower than I would appreciate.

I have made some more changes to the brewery design. I am thinking of adding in a filtering plant. I am not too convinced of the necessity yet, but this is my mind working overtime. I do not think that we need filtering as we are not planning on distributing just yet. Besides, there are many things that help to clear the beer without needing to add more mechanical headaches.

I am flying out to the mother city next month to check out on our location short list. I am looking forward to this. It will help clear the fog that is in my head a bit and give me a chance to get in some more market research.

Rachel is busy with our menu. I have broken two cameras trying to take pictures of the food. Somehow, I feel that photography is not my calling. I must admit that I have picked up weight with all the tastings and pairings that we have been doing. Mind you, my standard six sized body could do with a few more kilograms.

We now have the social media side of things up and running. Feel free to check out our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter if you would like. This is just a heads up. I am going to be introducing the voting scheme soon – you will be able to vote for what you “like” on our beer and food menus. So please keep an eye out for that.

Cheers in beers,


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