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FoulkesOkes Collaboration Beer – The story Part II

Hey there all you craft beer fans. Welcome to part two of the FoulkesOkes Collaboration.

For the first part of the story: FoulkesOKes Collaboration Beer – The story Part I

So, we left off with the tasting notes on the beer. You may have noticed that the comments section of the tasting notes is mainly related to feedback to the brewer, and what they may change to fix any flaws detected etc. In our case, it was what we would change to enhance the beer. In summary, Hennie (Two Okes Brewery) and I were happy with the beer, we only wanted a bit more hop aroma.

The Germans had convinced us to leave well alone and not make any changes to the recipe. Read more

FoulkesOkes Collaboration Beer – The story Part I

Hey there all you great and wonderful beer-people, this is the story behind the FoulkesOkes Collaboration Beer.

As some of you are aware, we are busy with the final stages of our business plan. Most of the research has been done. Beer festivals visited; copious amounts of beer sampled and a few festivals along the way graced with the presence of our beer. This has allowed us to collate data as to whether our dream of starting this brew pub is just a dream or whether it is actually feasible. We have acquired a chef along the way and are now four members strong. I have embarked on a twitter campaign while our Yeastie has done her thing on Facebook (she is better with words, I am better at short and sharp). All in all, the hype seems to be working. There is one thing however, that has been bothering me. The Americans say: “Build it and they will come.” While this boisterous American attitude seems sufficient to continue  – it is not enough for my naturally cautious nature, and definitely not enough to raise the funds needed with a venture of this size. Not to even mention the misgivings of my hesitant accomplice! Read more

The weekend from hell

Hey there all,

What a weekend. No brewing, just the blasted web hosting and me. I have managed to crash this site repeatedly since the beginning of last week – all because I wanted to add “social” blasted media.

First thing is – I don’t know anything about social media. This has been a very steep learning curve for me.

Second thing is – did I tell you that I have no clue about social media? Read more

Getting old

Hey there my brewing brothers and sisters (yes I stole that),

Not only am I getting old, but technology has finally caught up with me. This weekend has been spent finishing up our website. My spelling has deteriorated to the point of a grade one child. If it were not for intelliSense, I don’t think I would have completed our website. Social media has really got the best of me. Lucky for me, I have the input from a very talented team – yes the yeast harvester checks all the spelling and grammar. Read more